If you are an American Citizen who meets the qualifications of who can vote ( see voting registration requirements), you are able to vote either in the city ( if it’s in America) you are going to school in or the city you are from/permanent address, if it is different. You are only able to vote once in an election. You CANNOT vote in two different cities.

If you are California resident but go to an out state school:

Vote in California election: If you will not be in town on election day but still want to take part in the California election.You must register for an absentee ballot at least one week in advance of the election, using your permanent or home address in California.
Vote out of State election: You must register to vote in the county where you reside for school. Be aware that states can vary in the rules around registration and voting so be sure to check what the particular rules are in your state.

If you go to school in California:

If your permanent address is in California you can register to vote using your school residence or your permanent one. Please take into the fact where you are going to be during the time of elections, how familiar you are with the local politics in the area. There is always the option of using a mail in ballot.

If your permanent address is out of state Students who go to school in California but want to vote in a Californian election must register to vote in the local county where they live while he/she is in school.