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What is the Census

What is the Census 

Every 10 years, Congress is entrusted with counting all the residents that live in the United States. So whether you are black or white, immigrant, young or old, LGBT, immigrant, disabled, or a combination of any or all these intersections, we need you counted. This count is important for several reasons including, allocation of resources such as head start, more affordable housing, school lunch programs, and healthcare dollars, as well as determining district lines. It’s super important that the US gets this count right in order for all of our communities get the resources they deserve.

What are some of these programs that are determined by the census?

It includes funding for hospitals, housing, healthcare, roads, and schools to name a few. 


What information is on the Census? 

You will be asked 10 simple questions that should take about 5 minutes. Like if you’re married, the number of children in your home, your race, and gender.


What will not be on the census?

The census will not ask for your social security number, bank card or any passwords. 



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