If I have literacy issues who can assist me?
A. if you need assistance at the precinct, one of the poll workers can assist you on you may have a caregiver assist you

How do I locate my precinct?
A. The sample ballot you receive in the mail includes your poll location, but if you misplace it you can: Call the registrar office at (800) 815-2666 or 562 466 1310 ( Local to Los Angeles)
or go online to find your polling place at http://lavote.net/locator

What if you feel that you have been wrongfully turned away from the polls …
Don’t leave. Please request to fill out a provisional ballot. The law requires that you be permitted to fill out a provisional ballot if you are a registered to vote
Contact the secretary of state’s confidential toll free voter hotline 1-800-345-Vote

When are naturalized citizens able to registered to vote?
If you are a naturalized before the cut off date for voter registration, just register to vote normally. If you are naturalized on or before the election, you may go to the County Election Officials Office with proof of residency and proof of citizenship and register to vote

What are the campaigning restrictions near polls?
A. The practice of campaigning within 100 feet of a polling place, called electioneering, is illegal.

Does this include: pins, shirts, and other paraphernalia?
Yes it definitely a problem because of intimidation issues so we advise you to just play it safe and dress neutrally.